Roger Emerson's popular KidSkits are now available in one volume! These entertaining and easy-to-produce 15-minute plays are filled with life lessons taught through simple dialog and contemporary songs. Take a fun-filled musical excursion into the world of science when a group of chefs help solve the problem of the unpopped kernels in Popcorn Parade. Discover the importance of being thankful with Thanksgiving Treasure, and see what can happen if you don''t have your Bunny Ears on! Take a light-hearted view of human nature and learn a lesson in honesty with Lightfingers. The all-in-one Teacher Volume offers piano/vocal arrangements, helpful performance suggestion, and digital access to performance/accompaniment audio recordings, as well as projectable/printable PDFs of melody sheets, lyric sheets and dialog ' all under one cover! Each musical is 15 minutes in length. Suggested for grades K-2.
Emerson, Roger
Class Kit


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